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Food Allergies?  Do you have multiple food allergies but don’t know for sure what is bothering you? I recommend keeping a food log and doing some experiments.

Say you suspect you are having some reactions to egg.  Try eating a serving of egg all by itself, say mid-day on a weekend, without eating any other food for about an hour either side of eating the egg.  Write down your reactions after eating the egg.  Include gut symptoms, allergic reactions, hives, stuffiness, headaches, nausea, and anything you notice about your mood, such as anxiety or depression, heart palpitations.   Watch for dark circles under your eyes the following morning.

If it’s bothering you, take it off your list for now.  Remember that this is only temporary until you system settles down.

Use this same method after you system has settled, when you are adding things back in.  But try just a couple bites at a time.  Wait a day and then increase to a half serving or so, and if that agrees with you, try a full serving on another day.

Besides just eating the safe foods on my list, they were all organic (or in the case of meats, farm raised as naturally as possible, no hormones, antibiotics, grass fed or pasture raised).

I don’t know the mechanism of my allergic reactions.  But I do know that after switching to all organic foods, my allergies began to go away! 

Somehow processed foods are messing with our systems.  I meet more people every day with similar symptoms.

  • Are the chemicals damaging our mast cells, and making them degranulate too easily? (Mast cells release histamine.)
  • Are the chemicals killing off our good gut bacteria so we can no longer digest foods properly, and they get recognized as foreign?
  • Or is it the DNA of genetically modified food that our bodies are seeing as foreign?
  • Is it a combination of all the above or something entirely different?

Until we figure this out, the one diet that fits all is to go organic.  It doesn’t matter if you are gluten free, vegan, palio, or meat and potatoes, go ORGANIC!   

When I say I switched to all organic foods, I mean ALL ORGANIC foods.  No preservatives, flavorings or colorings. From my organic extra virgin olive oil and organic cane sugar to my gluten free baking soda (which is all I use for toothpaste).  I make my own bread, muffins and morning breakfast gruel.

Here is my safe foods list from when I was reacting to everything.  I eliminated everything else and ate these foods for about a month, until my system (allergic reactions) settled down.  It might be a good starting point for people who are reacting to many things.

Fruits & veggies (organic!)










lettuces and swiss chard,


Squashes and zucchini – all


Meats  –  As natural as possible.  If you can find farm raised meat, without hormones and antibiotics.   Grass fed beef, and free range chicken.  Lamb is easy to digest, again farm raised, organic, or as natural as possible.  Frozen is OK.

Watch out for that little preservative packet in meat.  (The little pad that I always thought was to soak up the excess juices, it’s a preservative pad!)





Beans/legumes (organic) – If canned, try to avoid citric acid (it’s not from citrus!), and get organic beans with only sea salt.

lima beans

pinto beans

white beans

navy beans

black-eyed peas

black beans


split peas

Rice   (organic) all, but no processed, flavoured or short cooking

Noodles (Organic and gluten free)

GF organic  rice cakes    Lundberg brown rice plain unsalted



Chia seed


Flours/meals (organic gluten free)







sorghum and black sorghum


bread homemade yeast free flatbreads or muffins made with the above organic flours and any other of your safe ingredients

oils- cold pressed organic

extra virgin olive oil

flaxseed oil

tea     (organic, and loose leaf or with unbleached tea bag)

white or green tea

nettle tea

herbal teas, that you tolerate (no flavorings)

coffee if you can tolerate (organic, and unbleached coffee filters) (I reacted to coffee at first, I tolerate fine now)

sugar organic cane sugar only

raw local honey


sea salt

Basil and holy basil


cumin seed

caraway seeds

ginger and red ginger

organic white pepper








Good luck and please let me know if this works for you.

3 thoughts on “My Safe Foods List”

  1. This is a helpful list. I am impressed with the perseverance it must have taken to test and build this list, especially when you were at your lowest. Truly amazing….

  2. Thank you for the helpful website. Have had this sulfite problem from young childhood. Am now in my seventies. Did not work out the basic cause until 10 years ago. Last 12 months getting worse. I will investigate the preservative pad put under our meat from the supermarket as I suddenly can’t eat pork any more. Looks like I better use our local organic store more too. My sulfite reaction has had a pretty accurate 24hour delay for years so by keeping a food record it has been helpful to look back that long. I’d have been a very healthy person but for sulfites. Thanks for your help. Claire

    1. Thanks for your note Claire. Sorry so long to get back to you. Have you been doing any better lately? Jennifer

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